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Home Performance with Energy Star

Watch the video to learn more about how you can make your home more comfortable and lower your utility costs.

Many of us don’t realize the effect that lights, appliances, and plug loads have on utility costs.

Some experts say that up to 50% of the electrical utility costs for an average home can be traced to lights appliances and plug loads.  Some even say that this is the single category where costs are projected to keep going up as the consumer’s appetite for plug in appliances continues to rise unabated.  What to do?  First get rid of any and all incandescent lights and light bulbs.  High efficacy bulbs – CFLs and LEDs – can save upwards of 75% of the watt usage of incandescent bulbs, sometimes even more. 

 Your mother was right; turn off the lights when you leave room.  Buy Energy Star appliances, and unplug the appliance when it’s not in use.  Turn off the lights in your home and walk around looking for “phantom” energy wasters.  Do you see that little green light?  Yes that’s a phantom energy user.

 No brag just fact